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Vojvodina Metal Cluster-VMC gathers companies from Vojvodina and the Serbian metal sector and all other actors within the value chain, to join the efforts to improve competitiveness of the metal industry sector. VMC brings together 96 companies from metal sector and 20 supporting institutions. 
VMC@FORMA_TOOL.talkb2b.net aims to bring together companies members of Vojvodina Metal Cluster-VMC  with companies from Slovenia and EU, briefly introduce potentials, show examples of successful cooperation and initiate further opportunities. 
This International Brokerage Events provide additional support to the companies, VMC members, to find international partners at the fair. The participants are offered to choose their potential partners according to their own needs and information about partner’s business and interests. This is then turned into list of meetings taking place at certain place and exact time. Each participant get his/her own customized list at least a day before the event
The main target group VMC@FORMA_TOOL.talkb2b.net are manufacturers and dealers from the metal sector in the field of machine tools and metal casting, and other interested parties from all relevant sectors

Registration deadline: April 17, 2013
Meeting request deadline: April 16, 2013


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  • Vojvodina Government Province Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality

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  • Serbia, University of Novi Sad


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